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Award Winning Laser Bust Treatment

Let's get it off your chest.

Laser Bust Treatment

What is it?

Our laser bust treatment is a safe, non-invasive and effective procedure that will enhance the shape of your breasts by natural means.

Our treatment begins by an initial consultation and assessment to understand your bust issues and goals, followed by a customised solution plan to tackle your bust issues. We also follow up timely and take progressive measures to ensure your bust goals are met.

Your bust results will be measured and tracked timely to ensure results are achieved. 

You will be able to witness results in just one session!

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Bust Issues

These include:

  • Sizing

  • Droopy / Sagginess

  • Lack of contour

  • Uneven bust

  • Clogged bust

Here at Dreamline, we aim to tackle these problems by mainly categorising into 3 types of approaches. These will be incorporated into our customised treatment tailored to your individual bust needs!

Laser Bust Enhancement

Bust Enhancement Treatment focuses on sizing issues, which mainly includes to stimulate lipid growth around the bust tissue organically without the use of any hormonal stimulation products.

Laser Bust Lifting

This mainly targets mature women which includes mothers, or customers who have lost significant weight which has resulted in a loss of elasticity, collagen and perkiness of their bust.

Laser Bust Detox

This is targeted to remove the toxins from the lymphatic system and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, and mainly for customer with bust health concerns.


Dreamline Bust Aesthetics?

Permanent Results

Our Laser Bust Treatment uses natural, non-invasive and non- hormone stimulating ingredients. Combining this with our massages, it stimulates the mammary glands, collagen and encourage the growth of lipids, achieving permanent results over time.


As such it is safe, effective, and the growth is entirely your own!

No hard-selling

We do not believe in hard-selling. We pride ourselves in creating a comfortable and safe environment for women to feel empowered by their own choices. We are forever thankful with the affirmation we’ve had from our customers that have been with us on this journey thus far.

Results Oriented

We customise our treatment plans in accordance with customer's preference, bust goals and issues. We also provide timely tracking to ensure results.

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Unlock your full bust potential

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have witnessed real bust transformations with us.




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