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How Well Do You Know Your Bust Anatomy?

Updated: May 8, 2023

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What are busts made of? Is it made up only of fats and muscles? Do you really need to know your bust anatomy?

Most women would not know the answer. In fact, most women might not be bothered to find out too. However, it is important to know your bust anatomy to help understand your bust better. It is always a plus to learn something new about our amazing bodies!

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Busts are mostly made up of fatty and non-fatty tissues. Non-fatty tissues include breast lobes and breast ducts. Breast lobes produce milk and breast ducts transports milk to the nipple.

Aside from that, there are ligaments connecting the skin to the chest wall. This helps in making sure that the tissues are in place. The fatty tissues fill up the empty spaces in between all of that.

There are also muscles, blood vessels, and lymph nodes in busts. Lymph nodes are small organs which can be found clustered between the bust and armpit (and all over your body!). They help fight infection as they produce and filter a liquid that contains white blood cell.

All the parts of the bust play an important part in creating a healthy, firm and full bust. Busts are beautiful inside and out.

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