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Bust Treatment Reviews

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Award Winning Signature Bust Treatment

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Bust line treatment. Really friend staff and good service. The place is really clean and smell so nice. Relaxing treatment for 1 hours plus.
Give it a try if you hope for your bust to be bigger 😍. Reasonable pricing.

Editing my review:
The place is so clean and relaxing, the staff is so friendly. They remember who you are each time you are over there. Went there for my 8th treatment. The shape of my bust changed, my bust got softer. Especially the price is really reasonable. Not too expensive, as a student the price is okay. They even have a package for you!


Seen results and I am really satisfied!! All the therapists are very professional and friendly, and they provide different types of treatment according to your areas that need improvement! I love how they don’t do hard selling and I always look forward to my appointments.


Signed a Bust package after I lost weights - I saw the immediate effect after trial, and I can feel they are getting bigger after my 2nd sessions. I think this package is the healthiest and most affordable one in Singapore. Staffs are friendly and the place is quiet and clean. :)

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