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Recommended Bra Types

Updated: May 8, 2023

Recommended Bra Types, underwired bra, recommended, large, breast, bra, types

The main function of a bra is to support the bust weight and give structure to the bust. Bras have evolved quite a long way. Although women have been wrapping their body with cloths to hold the bust in while getting supports from corsets, most bras today follow the most frequently referenced patented brassiere in 1914, which was made up of 2 handkerchiefs. Now in 2022, there are so many types of bras that you can pick and choose from. It can be quite overwhelming when going bra shopping.

Bras can be divided into padded, non-padded, wired and non-wired. It can be further divided into bras with full coverage, demi cups and even with different designs such as plunge and sweetheart neckline. Out of all the types of bras, we recommend a few for you to choose from to have the best support your busts can have.

1. Underwired Bras (Large Bust)

Larger busts tend to sag faster as gravity can pull down the busts better if there is an absence of proper support. If you have had bad experiences with underwired bras poking you through the fabric, it may have been a poorly constructed bra, or the underwired bra has been overused (time to replace them!). With the support of a wire, you may have less back pain as the wire can provide better lift and separation. Underwired bras can also help to shape your busts.

Recommended Bra Types, sports bra, recommended, all, bust, size

2. Sports Bra (All Busts)

A necessity to have regardless of your bust size is a sports bra. Sports bras offers great support and minimise bounce impact. Non-sports bras do provide support, but it does not offer the same support that you require during exercise. Sports bras are great for exercises like hiking, cycling, dancing, running, aerobics, etc.

3. Push Up Bras (Small/ Medium Bust)

Push up bras can lift your busts and push them closer, giving you a prominent cleavage. They usually have underwired cups to help in lifting the busts. The paddings in push up bras are usually placed in an angle to help in shaping your busts.

4. T-Shirt Bras (All Busts)

T-shirt bras have smooth and seamless cups. They do not leave any impression when worn under body-hugging outfits. As such, this is the best bra to have if you want a clean and smooth silhouette.

Recommended Bra Types, recommended, nursing bras, mothers, mummies, mummy, baby, breastfeeding

5. Nursing Bras (Breastfeeding Mummies)

Mummies! You probably already know this but wow, what a blessing nursing bras can be. Nursing bras includes a flap at the cups for easy access during breastfeeding. It is designed for mothers to easily unhook the flap with one hand to ease breastfeeding time. Nursing bras are usually non-padded and non-wired to keep mummies as comfortable as possible at a time when the bust size and shape may change.

The biggest support you can give yourself physically is by giving your busts the proper support that it needs. With consistent proper support, you may help to delay bust sagginess.

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