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What is Your Bust Type?

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror and wondered if your bust looks “normal”? What does a “normal” bust look like anyway? You’ll be glad to know that no two busts are the same and you don’t have to compare your bust with anyone else.

Having said that, you may fall into a certain bust type. This is not to say that there is any superior or inferior bust type. But if you’re looking into enhancing your bust, this will immensely help us in customizing your bust treatment! 💛

Let’s go through the different bust types. Don’t worry if your bust does not look exactly as the illustrations below.

asymmetric, bust, breast, shape, natural, uneven


Asymmetric bust refers to an uneven set of bust (one larger than the other).

athletic, bust, breast, shape, muscle, tissue


Athletic bust refers to a wider set of busts which consist of more muscles than breast tissues.

bell shape, bust, breast, shape, round, full, bell

Bell Shape

Bell Shape bust has a rounder and fuller bottom as compared to the top. As the name suggest, this bust type has a shape of a bell.

east, west, bust, breast, nipple, opposite

East West

East West bust refers to having the nipples pointing outwards and away from the center of the body.

relaxed, bust, breast, droop, nipple, downwards, loose


Relaxed bust refers to a set of bust that has breast tissues that are looser and has nipples pointing downwards.

round, bust, breast, shape, perfect, ideal


Round bust has equal fullness all around, making it pretty much the desired bust type of most people.

side set, bust, breast, shape, space

Side Set

Side Set bust refers to having a larger space in between the busts.

slender, bust, breast, shape, thin, less, full, nipple, downwards


Slender busts are thinner and has lesser fullness. Nipples tend to point downwards as well.

teardrop, full, less, round, bust, breast, shape


Teardrop bust has a slightly lesser fullness at the top compared to Round bust.

So, what is your bust type? If you are unsure and is interested in enhancing your bust, contact us today for a FREE consultation. 😊

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