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You Are Unique in Your Own Way

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Just as humans have different personality types, we also have different body types. Apart from having a unique fingerprint, you may come to realize that each part of your body differs from another person.

Our thighs have different thickness, our hair grows at a different rate, our nails have different length, etc. There are many different things that sets us apart from another person. All of these may be affected by (but not limited to) our hormones, hereditary trait, lifestyle, and even diet intake. That is what makes our physical body unique.

Similarly, our bust size and the condition of our bust differs. This means that it will also affect the rate on how your body reacts to treatments. Some may have better and faster results in a matter of 1 week. Some may have consistent result for a period of 6 weeks. Some may need more sessions to see results. That is perfectly fine.

If we have not emphasized enough already, we are all different. No good will come by comparing yourself to another person. The trick is knowing what your body needs and focusing on the solution to achieve a desirable result. Our therapists are very well trained and can advise you accordingly. We also do customization of treatments depending on individual needs.

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