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3 Reasons Why Bust Soreness May Happen

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Have you ever felt aching and soreness around your bust area? Most women do. What could be the cause of those soreness? We will go through 3 possible reasons today!

1. Unsupportive bra

Proper bra support is important as without it, the bust tissues may be overstretched. This may cause the soreness in the bust area. It can also cause other issues such as back problem. Read here to measure your bust size to check if you’re wearing the right bra for you!

2. Hormones

Hormones may be one of the reasons for bust soreness. The body will release more estrogen (hormones that regulates menstrual cycle) and progesterone (hormones that supports pregnancy) during period/ pregnancy which will cause the bust area to feel tender and sore.

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3. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may cause soreness in the bust area. Improper breastfeeding latching, lack of proper care around the nipple area or engorgement may be the reason for that.

These are some minor reasons. You know your body best. If you feel like there is a major cause for the soreness, please seek medical attention to look into the matter. 💛

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