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5 More Reasons for Sagging Busts

Updated: May 8, 2023

5 More Reasons for Sagging Busts, proper support, bra, saggy, sag, cause

In a previous Dream Letter, we covered 5 common factors that can lead to a sagging bust. While breast ptosis is a natural phenomenon that comes with age, there are ways you can slow down the sag and keep your bust looking perky for as long as possible.

1. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol damages skin elasticity, meaning if you're fond of having many drinks, you're causing your bust to sink.

2. Forgetting sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't just for your face and limbs. UV rays can cause wrinkles and destroy collagen. Just as it's always important to block your skin from them, the same goes for your bust. Applying sunblock when you want to have fun in the sun helps prevent your bust from becoming dehydrated which can cause them to sag.

3. Not moisturising

bra, rubbing, lotion, bust, breast, breasts, proper support, saggy, sag, cause

As with applying sunscreen, applying moisturiser on your bust helps keep the skin hydrated and slows down the sag.

4. Not drinking enough water

Not staying hydrated can make your skin lose its plumpness and elasticity, and not just on your face. Drink enough fluids to keep your skin glowing and youthful-looking.

5. Sleeping on your stomach

woman, sleeping, prone, proper support, bra, saggy, sag, cause

Sleeping on your tummy might be your most comfortable beauty rest position. But having your bust pressed against your mattress for several hours on end isn't the best position for it. Even sleeping on your side causes breast ligaments to stretch over time. As changing your natural sleep position is difficult, you can try putting a pillow or bolster under your bust for support. If you’re full-chested, you might want to consider wearing a comfortable t-shirt bra to sleep in.

To learn more about saggy baggies and other tips to prevent them, read our previous Dream Letter: Sagging Busts: Causes, Preventions & Solution. Above all, remember to take care of your body and the results will surely follow.

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