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All About the Third Boob

Updated: May 10, 2023

How to tell if my third boob can be dealt with

When it comes to bust, we can agree that having 2 is the perfect amount to have. Do you know that you might have a third one? Let’s talk about the Third Boob.

A third boob is also known as an excess boob. There are 2 types of third boobs. See below to see which category that you may fall under.

1. Excess boob with no/ little bust glands (left picture)


a. Improper care (wearing of wrong bra)

b. Weight gain

c. Size of excess boob does not change before and after period

2. Excess boob with bust glands (right picture)


a. Size of excess boob will change slightly before and after period

b. Slight achy pain when the area is massaged

(the ache will differ from issues caused by left picture)

Having a third boob might affect your confidence. We are pleased to share that this issue is treatable with our bust treatments. Talk to our therapist on your concern and we will share more details on how we can help you get rid of the third boob. 💛

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