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Clogged Busts: Reasons & Symptoms

Updated: May 8, 2023

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Clogged busts refer to the obstruction of milk in one or more milk ducts in the busts. You may feel pain within the bust and/or a tender lump. Clogged busts may occur due to different reasons such as:

1. Tight-fitting bra

Tight-fitting bras is uncomfortable and will not help you in the short or long run. Purchase well-fitting bras for healthier busts.

causes, clogged busts, breasts, oversupply, milk

2. Milk oversupply

An oversupply of anything cannot be a good thing. Use a warming lactation massager to help with proper milk flow. This will help in reducing the chances of getting clogs.

3. Improper latching during breastfeeding

Poor latching can contribute to nipple irritation and may discourage mothers from continuing breastfeeding. We recommend going to a lactation consultant to evaluate your latch. This will help to create a better and more positive experience for you and your little one.

stress, fatigue, clogged, busts

4. Stress and fatigue

New mothers often feel stress and lacks sleep. Unfortunately, this can contribute to the clogged busts. Ask for help if you can. Take the opportunity to rest whenever you can. Release the stress by doing something that you like.

5. Prolonged usage of nipple shield

Prolonged usage of nipple shield may impact the little one’s ability to empty your busts during breastfeeding. This increases the risk of having clogged busts. Proper latching during breastfeeding may help with this issue.

The symptoms may be minor at the beginning, but it can turn into a major issue such as Mastitis if not treated. Clogged busts usually affect one side of the busts and the symptoms may include:

1. Slower flow of breastmilk

2. Area may appear red

3. Pain may lessen after breastfeeding

4. Busts may feel warm

5. Hard and painful lump (tender to touch)

Regularly check the condition of your busts by doing regular bust self-exam.

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