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Something NEW is Coming to Town!

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Our Signature Bust Treatment was a crowd's favourite due to the effectiveness. Some might even say, it was full of perks! To that, we say, "We want more!".

We want to continuously better and improve our treatment for our customers. After months of tireless research, we are proud to announce that our Signature Bust Treatment has been upgraded to the NEW Laser Bust Treatment!

Busts go through a natural phenomenon through puberty and pregnancy which affects the activeness of the bust glands. This in turn affects the shape, texture and size of the bust.

With our NEW Laser Bust Treatment, we are now able to penetrate deeper to the lymphatic nerves to stimulate the bust glands better. This encourages the natural bust enhancement and tightening which will positively affect the firmness and perkiness of your bust.

You will be able to see permanent results as soon as 1 to 6 weeks (depending on individuals). Enjoy more laser shots as you go for more sessions with us.

Contact us to book your FREE consultation. 💗

PS: You may even stand a chance to receive a Christmas present from us. While stocks last. 🎁🎄

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