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Should You Be Worried About Extra Bust Tissue?

Updated: May 8, 2023

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Extra bust tissues, also known as hypermastia, refers to the presence of extra mammary tissue along the milk line. The milk line starts from the underarm area all the way to the groin area. Ideally, two busts develop along the milk line while the rest of the tissues recedes. Sometimes, the mammary tissues fail to recede completely, resulting in the development of extra bust tissues. Extra bust tissue usually develops in the underarm area although it can develop anywhere along the milk line.

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Extra bust tissue is normal with around 1 to 6% of men or women having them. It can appear in one or more places along the milk line and in different forms such as:

  • Bust tissue with a nipple and areola

  • Bust tissue with a nipple without areola

  • Bust tissue without a nipple

  • Nipple without glandular tissue

  • Areola without nipple or glandular tissue

  • Milk duct that leaks milk through the skin without visible bust tissue or nipple

In most cases, extra bust tissues are just a benign growth and is non-cancerous. However, it is still a bust tissue. As such, you may still experience bust soreness, benign lumps, cysts or malignant changes in your extra bust tissues. It is not necessary to worry about your extra bust tissues unless it is causing problems. Consult professionals if you experience unusual signs.

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