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What causes breasts to stop growing?

Updated: May 10, 2023

What causes breasts to stop growing.
Why do breasts stop growing?

The development of breasts occurs during puberty and usually coincided with the onset of menstruation. It is a normal part of growth for women and girls and plays a major role in how we perceive our body image.

It is a normality as some women might tend to get worried and anxious about their breast size. Some girls think that their breasts are smaller while others are apprehensive about their larger size. The difference in size could be due to genetics, or body proportions.

The breast development is triggered by the release of estrogen hormone into the body. With the development of the breasts, milk ducts also expand. Generally, the growth of breasts continues for five to six years from puberty, and can start as early as 12 years old.

The development of breasts depends on many factors like nutrition and genetics. The development of breasts might get affected due to poor nutrition. The hormones required for the proper development of the body will not be released if the body is deficient in nutrition, example - if you are underweight or lack vitamins and minerals.

Breast development usually stops growing by the age of 17 or 18. It also depends on your genetic makeup. Your genes determines the size of your breasts and the time it will stop growing. Your breasts can also stop growing due to fluctuations in hormone levels. Hormone fluctuation can cause your breasts to grow after the age 18.

It can also change in size in the later years due to reasons such as weight gain or pregnancy. Pregnancy is another factor that can cause growth of breasts. The growth of breast stops and shrinks after breastfeeding. Breasts size increases temporarily when you take birth control pills and it returns to the normal size and the growth stops when you go off it.


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