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What Determines Bust Shape?

Updated: May 10, 2023

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Now that we know the different bust types, lets dig deeper and find out how the shape came to be. Bust shape can be caused by a few factors such as:

1. Age

With age, the bust shape will naturally sag as the skin loses its natural elasticity. As such, the bust shape will change to a more relaxed shape.

2. Exercise

Exercising will increase the muscle strength in the bust area which will cause the bust to be firmer and look perkier.

3. Pregnancy (& Postpartum)

Hormones during this period may affect the bust shape.

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4. Weight

Weight gain or loss may affect the breast tissue. Breast tissue consists of supportive tissue and fatty tissues. The bust shape is determined by the supportive tissue while the size is determined by the fatty tissue. The amount of supportive and fatty tissues varies differently amongst everyone.

Bust shape can be changed if any of the factors are influencing the shape differently. Bust shape can also be positively influenced with treatment. Our Bust Laser Treatment has helped many ladies in achieving their bust shape goal.

If you're looking to positively influence your bust to your desired shape, we will be happy to be part of your process. Message us to find out more. 💛

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