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Bust Asymmetry

Updated: May 8, 2023

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One can assume that anything that come in pairs would be matching and even. However, busts may not always be symmetrical and can be uneven. Bust asymmetry is when busts don’t match in shape, size and/or position. It is common amongst both fully developed busts and busts that have yet to be fully developed. Bust asymmetry affects more than half of all women.

Normally, bust asymmetry should not be a cause of concern except if it is a new and/or sudden change in your bust shape and size. If you've noticed a change in your bust symmetry and if you've noticed other symptoms such as lumps, consult a professional to get your busts checked as it may be a symptom of breast cancer.

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Bust asymmetry can be due to different factors such as:

1. Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

During pregnancy and postpartum, the size and shape of busts will change as it prepares for breastfeeding. If your little one is feeding more on one side, it may cause uneven busts.

2. Underdeveloped busts

Underdeveloped busts or hypoplastic busts refer to busts that are small, thin, spaced far apart and/or uneven. This can be due to hormones or a medical condition.

3. Juvenile Hypertrophy

This condition refers to when one side of the bust grows much larger than the other probably due to hormone sensitivity or hormone production.

4. Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia

This condition refers to when milk ducts in the bust area have excessive growth, affecting the bust tissue cells. This is not cancer but it may increase your risk of having cancer in the future. Benign or non-cancerous lumps may also appear due to this condition.

Having bust asymmetry is nothing to be uncomfortable or be embarrassed about. It should not affect your self-esteem and confidence. However, there are ways to improve the unevenness and surgery is not the only way. Bust enhancement treatments at Dreamline Aesthetics can be customized to focus on this issue.

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