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8 Different Types of Nipples

Updated: May 8, 2023

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Nipples vary from person to person though there are 8 generic different types of nipples. It is important to note how your nipples look normally to be aware of any changes that may happen to your nipples.

1. Inverted Nipples

inverted nipples, breast, bust, nipple
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Inverted nipples refer to the nipples that point inward or lie flat rather than pointing out. It can happen to one bust or both. Having inverted nipples can make breastfeeding more challenging.

2. Hairy Nipples

hairy nipples, bust, breast, nipple
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Hairy nipples can be due to genetics. Some may have thicker hair than others.

3. Nipple with Big Areolas

Big aerolas, bust, breast, nipple
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You may have big areolas if you have bigger busts. Bigger areolas can also darken and grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the hormonal changes. Having big areolas will make it easier to breastfeed.

4. Extra Nipples

extra nipples, bust, breast, nipple
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The milk line does not stop at the chest area. As such, extra nipples may appear along the milk line, although it will not be a functional nipple.

5. Stretched-out Nipples

stretched out nipple, bust, breast, nipple
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Nipple may look stretched out if you have done breastfeeding. You may also have stretched-out nipples if you are small chested.

6. Leaking Nipples

leaking nipples, bust, breast, nipple
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You may start to lactate while pregnant. Although this may not be a cause to be alarmed, do consult a doctor if your nipples are leaking a liquid that is bloody, or if only one side of your nipples are leaking. In rare cases, it may be a sign of cancer.

7. Sideways-Pointing Nipples

sideways pointing nipples, bust, breast, nipple
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Having sideways-pointing nipples is genetically inherited. The nipples may be pointing downwards too.

8. Nipples with Bumpy Areolas

bumpy aerolas, bust, breast, nipple
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Bumpy areolas refer to having the Montgomery glands around the nipple and areola area protrude out more prominently as compared to others. Montgomery glands secrete an oily or waxy substance to help with lubricating the skin especially during breastfeeding.

Which type of nipples do you have? 😃

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