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Cyclical vs Non-Cyclical Bust Pain

Updated: May 8, 2023

bust, pain, cyclical, non-cyclical, symptoms

Bust pain can be divided into cyclical and non-cyclical. The symptoms for each type of bust pain are different.

Symptoms of Cyclical Bust Pain

  • The pain comes in cycles (like menstrual cycle)

  • Affects both busts (especially the upper and outer parts, but may spread to the underarm)

  • Usually affects younger women

  • Pain may feel different from person to person (soreness/ heaviness/ stabbing/ burning sensation)

  • The busts may swell and become tender

  • There will not be any lumps

  • Pain may intensify towards the start of your period

bust, pain, cyclical, non-cyclical, symptoms, different, menopause

Symptoms of Non-Cyclical Bust Pain

  • The pain may be continuous or come at an irregular interval

  • Affects one bust (usually just a small section but may spread across the chest)

  • Usually affects older women (those that are going through post menopause)

  • The source of pain may feel like it is within the bust but also feel like it is coming from elsewhere

  • The pain is described to be like a burning sensation

  • The bust may swell, become tender and feel warm

  • Mothers who are breastfeeding may feel the pain more intensely

If you are experiencing bust pain, it is important to note down the symptoms that you are experiencing to determine the type of bust pain that you may have. The note is also useful to have when consulting a professional.

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