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Does The Perfect Bust Exist?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

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A perfect bust has been said to have a ratio of 45:55, 45% of breast tissue above the nipple line and 55% of breast tissue below the nipple line. It has been said to be the most natural looking and the most attractive to both men and women. The 45:55 is the most sought-after bust shape and size for those doing cosmetic surgery (bust augmentation/ bust reduction/ bust reconstruction).

Not all of us are blessed with the “perfect bust”. Busts are made up of many things such as glandular tissue, lobules, and fat tissues. Busts can also experience volume gain and loss, sagginess, and other issues over time. This is perfectly natural.

perfect, bust, enhancement, natural, ideal, opinion

Although doing cosmetic surgery may be an option to achieve the “perfect bust”, there are other natural solutions that can be done. Natural and non-invasive bust treatments exist. Depending on your bust issues, bust treatments can also be customised to cater to individual needs. Although, the results may take longer to achieve, it is more affordable and the results are permanent.

As the opinion of a perfect bust differ from person to person, the main opinion to focus on is your own. If you love the look and feel of your busts, no one else’s opinions can influence you to think otherwise. If you are in the opinion that you have some bust issues to rectify, we are here to help you achieve your perfect bust! 💛

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